crane outrigger pads

Custom Composite Cribbing

Custom Composite Cribbing

Ask us about our Custom Composite cribbing. Bigfoot can build these to meet & exceed the safety needs of our customers. Big Grip can be added to any Custom Composite Cribbing.


Surfaces Handles Special Features

Standard Surface

Our standard surface is smooth for easy interaction with the outrigger foot and is easy to clean before storing for the next job.

Safety Grind

Rough grind of the pad for non slip surface on Black or Safety Orange Custom Composite.

Big Grip

The engineered design of the safety grips greatly reduces the chance of slipping by interlocking when stacked. Big Grip also digs into the ground if there are icy or slippery conditions.

Recess for Floats

Milled into the pad, custom sized to your float size on Black or Safety Orange Custom Composite.

Custom Logo

Casting your logo, a unit number, or a phone number directly into your pad clearly identifies who and to what unit the pad belongs. Available on Birch and Composite Pads.

Added Edge Color for Safety

Added color provides an important element of visibility for your crews and also helps train their eye on that last pad still left on the ground before it’s inadvertently left behind. Paint also adds one more layer of sealer on the wood.

Added Water Seal Application

Our waterproofing wood sealers prevent water damage. The coating resists mildew and UV damage. Over the past 32 years, we’ve perfected this process using only the best wood sealers available.

Bigfoot Lock Pad

The interlocking outrigger pad system allows two pads to lock in place with each other, preventing shifting or sliding and providing at least twice as much thickness at half the weight when lifting the pads. This feature can be used on pads of different dimensions allowing users to create an outrigger system that is optimized for safety and efficiency.

Nylon Rope (Our Standard)

Nylon is the strongest of all ropes in common use. It is used for absorbing shock loads because it has the ability to return to its original length after being stretched. It also has abrasion resistance, plus the yellow makes it easier to identify the pad.

Internal Pad Handles

Handles that are milled directly into and out of the pads eliminate the need for external handle materials and provide plenty of room for a gloved hand to grasp.

Safety Chain Handles

Some operators prefer the strength and stability of a metal chain. Available for heavy duty pad sizes 3” and up, these handles are rated at 3,100 lbs.

Wire Rope/Steel Choker Handles

A great alternative to our standard rope handles due to their strength and durability, which is especially useful for larger pads being used in extreme conditions such as mud, ice, or snow. The handles will not absorb moisture making for a consistent grip in every situation and will last longer than rope. 

Metal Handles

Stainless Steel is strong, durable and guarantees long-lasting results.

LED Twilight Pad Light

Illuminating your work zone at night provides safety to everyone on the job site. Easily identifying your outrigger placements tells everyone where not to walk (or trip)! The lights are magnetic, waterproof, and come with a rechargeable battery and USB cable. Game changer!

Guardian Glow Strip

Glow strips provide up to 8-10 hours of illumination from just 20 minutes of natural light exposure. Strips conform to multiple surfaces and add another layer of worksite safety.