Scout Mat™

Perfect for light and medium-duty jobs, Bigfoot proudly provides the Scout Mat™. Manufactured in the USA at 88 pounds each, this mat can be moved around manually by hand holes on its 8’ side, without the need for equipment or operators. It’s perfect for turf protection, rutting prevention, weight distribution and a myriad of other construction applications. Made from HDPE, the Scout Mat™ will never rot and does not conduct electricity. These non-toxic and chemically inactive materials make this mat perfect for environmentally sensitive locations. The standard mat comes configured with a rugged tread on one side, and pedestrian tread on the reverse side. With 2-way and 4-way connectors, Scout Mat™ has the best drop-in connectors in the industry. Scout Mat™ is sure to protect your jobsite and help your team avoid equipment failure due to hazardous ground conditions.


  • Thickness: 0.5 inches (12.7 mm)
  • Width: 48 inches/4 feet (121.92 cm/1.219 m)
  • Length: 96 inches/8 feet (243.84 cm/2.428 m)
  • Weight: 88 pounds (39.91 k)
  • Weight Load Capacity: 200 PSI

Sold Separately

  • Optional drag-hook
  • Optional two-way stainless steel OVER-MOUNT connectors
  • Optional two-way steel UNDER-MOUNT connectors
  • Optional four-way stainless steel OVER-MOUNT connectors
  • Optional four-way steel UNDER-MOUNT connectors


  • Mat Rack – Our mat rack allows for mats to be contained for easy storage, shipping, loading, and unloading. The rack comes with fork slots and lifting lugs.
portable Scout Mat™