System7™ Industrial Mat

An access mat built for strength, performance, and longevity and manufactured in the USA, System7™ is the lightest heavy-duty industrial mat on the market. An advanced plastics formula and production process ensures a competitive weight-to-strength ratio, high PSI and load-bearing rating, rigidity, durability, and traction. Not only will this mat ensure the safety of your team, equipment, and job site – System7™ also offers a remarkable return as an investment. Because of its lower weight, System7™ reduces transportation costs while covering more ground. This lightweight, heavy-duty industrial mat will allow your team to avoid work delays, damage to equipment, injury to personnel, and remediation needs. Lighter than hardwood, UV protection, anti-static, and easy to clean. Protect your team with System7™ industrial mat.


  • Shipping Size: 8’ x 14’ x 4.25”
  • Usable Size: 7′ x 13′ x 4.25″ (after overlapping and interlocking)
  • Weight: 1,050 lbs per mat
  • Transportation: 45 per truck
  • Strength: Heavy Duty Class
  • Connectivity: Compatible with the most common mat in the industry
  • Buoyancy: Yes
  • Customization: Options Available Upon Request
  • Tracking: GPS or RFID tracking options available
  • Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Weight Load Capacity: 610 PSI
portable industrial mat outside. The System7™ industrial mat